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Accountant in Montreal for SME | Accounting firm Montreal


We offer small business owners relief from day-to-day accounting hassles with support throughout the year. We will provide key guidance that will empower your proficiency level with your accounting. We explain tax laws and regulations using non-technical language so you do not waste your time and energy trying to figure out all the accounting complexities. It is essential for any company to record the accounting entries to manage the activity. This rigorous management makes it possible to measure and analyze the performance of the organization and to make informed decisions.

Stephen can help you ease your financial uncertainty and stress while helping you focus and grow your business. Stephen takes complex situations, explains them in common sense terms to guide clients to make the right decision based on their situation. The expert is you, your experience, and your business. Stephen’s part is to offer support from his own experience to help you see clearly and invest wisely in your business. Allow Stephen to help you evaluate what your business needs and make it optimized for growth and profitability. Stephen has a broad range of business experience in sales, marketing, production, operations, finance. Stephen received a Bachelor of commerce degree (finance and business law) from Concordia University. Prior to starting an accounting firm in 2008, Stephen's career includes pioneering sales into the United States market to major clothing retailers, co-managing a vertically integrated cut and sew apparel manufacturer, and working as a consultant to turnaround clothing companies to remain profitable.

It is essential for any company to record the accounting entries to manage the activity. Accounting records include:

Your company has the freedom to choose between:

Mandatory information contained therein must make it possible to verify:

Companies must also keep:

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